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3 weeks now @ Regional Hospice

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  1. Andrea Mungo says:

    Oh thank you Nancy for this update that brings tears of happiness (for the amazing place God has brought you to!) and sadness (to read of the increased symptoms from the cancer). I’m so glad that your pain in under control. I will pray that you can successfully get off the anti-nausea meds. You are dearly missed and loved by many here in NYC! Lots of love! Andrea

  2. Hi Nancy,

    Thank you for these beautiful images of your new home!

    I really appreciate adding them to my sense of what is possible.

    I’ve been on home hospice for 10 months and am likely to have died before my local hospice has opened its own residential center, but I’m sending this blog post to my nurse and doctor there, so future patients can enjoy such oases of peaceful calm caring.

    Nancy, best healing wishes during this precious time, Stephanie

    PS, I’ve been dealing with advanced breast cancer for over 20 years and blog about living with serious illness & conscious dying, because I too believe we need to break the silence. https://www.mylifeline.org/StephanieSugars/updates

    • Hi Stephane – This place is only 1 year old and I only found out about it a few months ago. A lot of thought went into creating a special environment and they wanted it to not look like a hospital or hospice. Even the oxygen is hidden behind a sliding picture on the wall behind the bed. It’s one of the very few live-in hospice places in my area where you can stay until you die and they don’t try to get you back in the home. I have no home to go back to nor a primary caregiver so it is just so perfect for me. I hope it becomes a model for many new live-in hospices.

      I will look at your blog about living with serious illness & conscious dying.

      May you have deep inner peace,

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