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I Was Interviewed for Hospice Patient Stories

2 thoughts on “I Was Interviewed for Hospice Patient Stories”

  1. Andrea Mungo says:

    And your watercolor painting is medicine for my soul! Gorgeous color that brightens my day!

  2. Andrea Mungo says:

    My dear Nancy, you write so clearly and honestly about life! So sorry for your fall and much praise to God for protecting you from injury. There are so many griefs and losses in life; and to be able to radically accept them, not denying the emotions that come with them, and be full of gratitude for what we still have is truly a gift from our Loving and Saving Jesus. Thank you for writing and sharing your process from joy to joy and loss to loss, simultaneously. Now you have even more chance to interact with the staff there and testify to God’s love and grace. Love you Nancy!!

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